Defining a Back Shell

This task explains how to add electrical behavior to a standard part to turn it into a back shell.
A back shell is a physical component used to guide the ends of bundle segments, and to protect the crimping area.
You can add electrical behavior to an instance or a reference.
Refer to Defining an Equipment.
The BasicTasks.CATProduct document is still open.
  1. Click Define Back Shell .
    You are prompted to select a part or a product.

  2. Select BackshellStd either in the specification tree or in the geometry area.

    The Back Shell Definition dialog box opens:
  3. Enter BackShellElec in the Part Number field.

  4. Enter 15mm in the Extra Length field: this corresponds to the wire length necessary to connect the bundle segment to the single insert connector through the back shell.

  5. Click OK to validate.

    The specification tree is updated.
    The selected object is now an electrical back shell as the electrical behavior has been added.

A back shell allows:

  • One or more cavities
  • One or more back shell connection point
  • One bundle connection point.

You can connect single insert connectors, bundle segments, contacts and shells via these connection points.