Defining a Shell

This task explains how to add electrical behavior to a standard part to turn it into a shell.
A shell or connector shell is a non-electrical part which groups one or more electrical connector parts.
You can add electrical behavior to an instance or a reference.
Refer to Defining an Equipment.
The BasicTasks.CATProduct document is still open.
  1. Click Define Shell .
    You are prompted to select a part or a product.

  2. Select the part or product which is to become a shell either in the specification tree or in the geometry area.

    The Shell Definition dialog box opens:
  3. Enter ShellElec in the Part Number field.

  4. Click OK to validate.

    The specification tree is updated.

    The selected object is now an electrical shell as the electrical behavior has been added.

A shell allows one cavity connection point, one shell connection point, one back shell connection point, bundle connection points, terminations and cavities.

Shells can be connected to mating shells, back shells, single insert connectors, studs, terminal blocks, contacts, filler plugs, mounting equipment and bundle segments via these connection points.