Creating Construction Points

This task shows how to define a point which will be used when routing the bundle segment.
Make sure the following check box is selected to take advantage of the associativity between the construction points and the bundle segment.
  • Select Tools > Options.
  • Choose the Infrastructure > Part Infrastructure item.
  • In the External References frame of the General tab, select the Keep link with selected object check box.
  1. Click Point .

    The Point Definition dialog box opens:
  2. Enter the following coordinates for the purpose of this scenario:

    • 80mm for X
    • -20mm for Y
    • 0mm for Z.
  3. Click OK to validate.

    The point is added to the specification tree.
    It looks like this:
  • This point will be used to build the Flexible Curve geometrical representation.
  • Any point that has been created in any other workbench can also be used this way.