Copying the Bundle Segment Arrangement

This task shows how to copy the bundle segment arrangement from one support to other supports in the route.

Note: This functionality applies to multi-branchable documents only.

  1. Click Copy Bundle Segment Position .

    You are prompted to select a support. This support is the reference support; the bundle segment arrangement in this support will be copied to all other selected supports in the route, provided they contain the same bundle segments and are of the same type (i.e. same part number).

    3D text is displayed in the geometry area to assist you:

    • Green text Propagate ON identifies supports that can be re-arranged. Double-clicking the text changes the label to Propagate OFF ; the support will retain the previous arrangement.

    • Red text Propagate OFF identifies supports that cannot be re-arranged.
    This command does not support retainers and adaptive supports since bundle segments are automatically positioned in these supports and cannot be re-arranged.
  2. Optionally, double-click Propagate ON labels to toggle them to Propagate OFF to retain the original arrangement.

  3. Click anywhere in the geometry area to propagate the bundle segment arrangement of the reference support to all other selected supports, and exit the command.