Entering the Workbench

This task explains how to set up the environment to work with the Electrical Harness Installation product.
Electrical Harness Installation actually consists of two workbenches:
  • Electrical Harness Assembly which lets you create and handle the Product documents that will contain the geometrical bundles and/or the bundle segments.
  • Electrical Harness Installation which allows you to define bundle segments in Part documents. Refer to Exiting the Installation workbench to switch back to the Electrical Assembly.
CATIA is launched. A CATProduct document is displayed.
  1. Select Electrical Harness Assembly from the Start >  Equipments & Systems > Electrical Harness Discipline menu.
    The Electrical Harness Assembly workbench is displayed and ready to use.

    You can add the Electrical Harness workbenches to your Favorites, using the Tools > Customize item. For more information, refer to CATIA V5 - Infrastructure User's Guide.


Don't forget to set your options before starting to work (Tools > Options..., Equipment & Systems, > Electrical Harness Discipline > Electrical Harness Installation).