Creating a Control Unit and an Antenna

This task shows you how to create two items of equipment: a control unit and an antenna.
  1. If not already current, select the system you just created in the tree view.

  2. Click the Sub Components button .

    The BOM view appears to the right of the tree view.
  3. Select the Functional Equipment type in the list.

  4. Select the cell in the Name column and enter Control unit1.

  5. Select the cell in the SubType column and enter Control unit.

  6. Select the cell in the NominalPartNumber column and enter EQT CU123.

  7. In the second row, click the cell in the Name column and enter Antenna1.

  8. Enter attributes Antenna for SubType and EQT A456 for NominalPartNumber.

  9. Click OK to validate entries made.

    The control unit and antenna are created and are added to the tree view in a folder named Equipment.