Storing System/Functional Part to Catalog

This task explains how to store a system or a functional part into a catalog.
Open the System1.CATProduct document from the samples folder.
  1. Select the system you want to store into a catalog.

    Note: The document must saved prior to being stored into a catalog.
    The Store Document command becomes available.
  2. Click the Store Document button in the Workshop Commands toolbar.

    The Store Document window is displayed.
  3. Select the catalog of interest using the ... button.

    The Store Document window is updated.
    Note: if the catalog contains several families, they will automatically be at disposal in the Family drop-down list.
  4. Select the family in which you want to store the current system. ControlSystems for example.

  5. (Optional) Check the Use catalog/electrical objects predefined mapping if a mapping has been defined in the catalog.

    • For more information about this option, refer to the Customizing section in the Electrical Library User's Guide.
    • If you check this option, the families for which no mapping has been defined, are not displayed in the drop-down list: OtherComponents is no longer available.
  6. Click OK to validate entries made.