Assigning Equipment, Connectors
& Contact Points to Signals

This task explains how to assign equipment, connectors and contact points to signals
In this example, you will assign contact point P8-5 and connector PWR1-1 to the 28 V power signal.
Open the AssignSignals.CATProduct document from the samples folder.
  1. Select the signal to which you want to assign one or more electrical components in the tree view.
    The selected signal becomes the current object.

  2. Click the Assign View button I_AssignView.gif (592 bytes) in the Workshop Commands toolbar.

    The Assign View allowing you to assign equipment, connector and contact points to signals is displayed.
  3. Expand the tree to see the various electrical components that can be connected in the top half of the view.

  4. Select the equipment, connector(s) or contact point(s) you want to assign to the current object.

    • Ctrl-click components to select more than one.
    • Assigning a component to a group signal assigns the component to all the signals in the group.
  5. Click Add.

    Selected components are added to the list of connections.
    Note: The entire path down to the selected component is identified in the list of connections.
  6. Click OK to validate entries made.

    Connections are made and an end point is created under each connected signal. st15NLS.gif (3940 bytes)

In Assign views, information is validated when you click [OK] in the Assign view, when you change the current object in the tree view or when you change the active view.