Saving Systems in ENOVIA V5

This task explains how to save systems, which you modified in EFD, in ENOVIA V5.
You are working with EFD in an ENOVIA V5 environment.
  1. In EFD, click the Save All Systems button and click OK in the dialog box that appears to confirm your action.

  2. Switch to the Product Editor WebSpace to check that your systems have indeed been saved.

  3. Right-click the product and select Document-> from the contextual menu.

  4. In the Show document dialog box, click the All checkbox under Show:

    Any new items appear and all changes are recorded.
  5. Commit the changes to the ENOVIA V5 database.

The Close System command also works with ENOVIA V5.

For more information on the product class editor, see the Product Class Editor section in the appropriate Life Cycle Application user guide, for example Engineer Role.