Modifying Sketches

This task shows you how to use Undo/Redo or delete elements.
In case you did not save the previous sketch, open the Getting_Started.CATPart document.

Using the Undo/Redo Command

  1. Click Circle in the Profile toolbar.

  1. Position the cursor until the SmartPick detects a constraint as shown here.

  2. Click in the geometry and drag the cursor to create the circle.

    Note that when SmartPick cursor crosses a fictitious horizontal line that would go thru a point, SmartPick snaps in order to remain horizontal to this point. In this case no constraint is created.
    The circle is created as shown here:

If you are not satisfied with your sketch, click Undo in the Standard toolbar to go back in your sketch history creation. Conversely, if you have been too far in your sketch history creation, click Redo from the Standard toolbar to go ahead in your sketch creation.

Deleting elements

  1. Double-click Quick Trim , to make it permanent, from the Relimitations sub-toolbar in the Operation toolbar.

  1. Select the line within the circle.
    A warning is displayed informing you that dimensional constraints cannot be deleted.

  2. Click Yes in the dialog box.




  1. Select the circle from the part outside the rectangle.
    The selected line and a circle part are deleted from the geometry.

    Note that the place where you select the geometry to be deleted is important as it is the exact part that will be deleted.

    You can also use the contextual menu to delete elements.