Creating Output Features  

This task shows you how to create an output feature from a geometrical element. When an output feature is created, its geometry is automatically removed from the sketch feature 3D result. In other words, output features are exposed and updated independently from the sketch within the 3D area.
Open the Output_1.CATPart document.
  1. Double-click Sketch.1 to edit it.

  2. Click Output Feature .

  3. Select Spline.1.
    Output.1 (Spline.1)
    is created.

    An output feature is created as a standard element, but it is viewed with a thicker graphic property in the Sketcher.
    It is made available in the 3D area and you can update it independently from the sketch, once in the 3D area. It is independent from the sketch 3D geometry. It is integrated as such both into the Parent/Children view and the specification tree.
    In order to keep the user's properties, the thickness is modified only if the geometry has the
    same thickness as when the geometry was created.

  4. Right-click Spline.1 and select Properties.

  5. Click the Graphic tab in the Properties dialog box that appears.

  1. Change the color and the line type to distinguish Spline.1 more easily from other elements.

  1. Exit the Sketcher workbench.
    Unlike in the Sketcher, the output feature can now be visualized with the spline properties it has been applied to.


Multi-selecting Elements

  1. Go to the Generative Shape Design workbench.

  1. Click Multisections Surface .
    The Multi-sections Surface Definition dialog box appears.

  1. Select Sketch 4 and Sketch 5.

  1. Select the Spine tab.

  1. Select Output.1 from the specification tree.

  1. Click OK.
    The surface is created.


Editing the Sketch

  1. Double-click Sketch.1 to edit it.

  1. Modify any of Spline.1 control points.

  2. Exit the Sketcher workbench.
    The modifications applied to the spline have no repercussions on the surface which is based on the output.

  • You cannot create an output feature from a degenerated element.
  • You can only expose elements that belong to the same sketch.
  • It is not possible to copy, cut or paste an output feature in the Sketcher.

Hiding or Showing Output Features

If outside the Sketcher you apply the Hide/Show capability on a sketch node, the capability applies to all elements except for output elements.