Entering the DMU Tolerancing Review Workbench

This task shows you how to enter the workbench and open the document you need for performing this tutorial.
  1. Select the Start -> Digital Mockup -> DMU Tolerancing Review command to launch the workbench.

The DMU Tolerancing Review workbench is opened.
The commands are available in  the toolbar to the right of the application window. 

  1. Open the Review_Product_01.CATProduct document.

This is what you get:


The 3D model file contained in the CATProduct document was created using CATIA V4. The dimensioning and the tolerancing data included in this file were specified using CATIA V4 Functional Dimensioning & Tolerancing function.

To know how to use the commands available in the Standard and View toolbars located in the application window border, please refer to Infrastructure user's Guide.