Analyzing Using Curvature

This task shows how to analyze the mapping curvature of a surface.
  The Curvature command shows the curvature of the polygonal mesh in the form of a color map on the mesh. Gaussian and Mean curvature will be available.
Open the CurvatureAnalysis1.CATPart document.
  • The discretization option should be set to a maximum: in Tools -> Options -> Display -> Performances, set the 3D Accuracy -> Fixed option to 0.01.
  • Check the Material option in the View -> Render Style -> Customize View command to be able to see the analysis results on the selected element.
  1. Click Curvature .

    The Curvature dialog box is displayed.
  2. Define the curvature colors using the combo list.

  3. Set the mapping type:

    • Mean

    • Gaussian (as in our example)

  4. Set the color scale:

    • Linear

    • Log (logarithmic)

  5. Define the color position and range by manipulating directly the color scale in the dialog box.

  6. Select the polygonal mesh.

  7. Click Apply to visualize the result of the analysis.

  8. Click OK to exit the command.