Extracting Curves

This task shows how to create 3D curves from one or more selected holes.
Open the Vase4.CATPart document.
  1. Click Extract Curves  .

    The Extract Curves dialog box is displayed. It is empty.
    The icons from the Tools Palette become available:
  2. Click the following icons to:

    show the fitting parameters in the dialog box
    • un-gray these parameters out
    From the dialog box, you can define fitting parameters so that 3D curves are directly fitted to the points of the curve being created from the holes.
  3. Define the degree of precision of the curve and associate a tolerance.

    The highest the degree, the less precise the curve.
    Holes are displayed on the polygonal mesh.
  4. Select a hole.

    A light blue square handle appears on the hole and a blue dot handle indicates the start and end of the hole curve.
    The square handle lets you break the hole curve into multiple segments:
  5. Click it and move it along the hole to break the curve into two segments.

  6. Repeat the operation as much as needed to break the curve in additional segments.

    The dot handles let you modify the starting and ending point of the curve segments:
  7. Click a dot and move it along the hole to change the starting and ending point of the segment.

    You can right-click a dot to remove it.
    The hole is segmented in as many curves as there are handles.
  8. Click Apply to create the curves.

    Curves (identified as Curve.xxx) are added to the specification tree.
  9. Click OK to exit the command.