Projecting Curves

This task shows you how to project points or curves on surfaces.
Open the Project1.CATPart document.
  1. Press the Ctrl key and select the curve(s) you want to project.

  2. Click Project Curve .

    The Project Curve dialog box is displayed.
  3. Choose the projection orientation from the Projection dialog box:

    • View: projection according to the current view

    • Compass: projection according to the compass

    • Normal: projection normal to the surface

  4. Press the Ctrl key and select the surface or set of surfaces on which the curve(s) should be projected.

  5. Click Apply to preview the projected curves on the target surface.

    Projection according to
    the current view
    Projection according to
    the compass orientation
    Projection according to
    the normal to the surface
  6. Click OK to create the projected curves.

    Curves (identified as Project are added to the specification tree.
    The Projection command is associative: may you modify an input point or curve, the result of the projection is automatically updated while modifying the input curve.
    To be able to edit and modify a point or curve, the latter cannot be datum elements.