Creating Paint Curves

This task shows you how to create and draw 3D curves onto the polygon that entirely lie on it.
Open the Bunny1.CATPart document.

  1. Click Paint Curve .

    The Paint Curve dialog box is displayed.
    The icons from the Tools Palette are selected:

    You can click the following icons to:

    • close the dialog box
    • gray the fitting parameters out:
    From the dialog box, you can define parameters so that the 3D curve is directly fitted to the points of the curve being painted on the mesh.
  2. Define the degree of precision of the curve and associate a tolerance.

    The higher the degree, the smoother the extracted curve.
  3. Using the mouse, select the first point on the polygon.

    To paint the curve, you can either click point by point (subsequently create new segments) or drag the mouse.
  4. Double-click on the polygon to end the painting and exit the command.

    The curve (identified as Mesh is added to the specification tree.
    Hold the Ctrl button to complete the loop, and therefore exit the command
    • You can now paint a curve using an existing curve that lies on the polymesh, either by:
      • clicking a vertex to start or continue the paint curve, or
      • snapping onto the curve and selecting a point on this curve.