Importing Part or Assembly Files Interactively

This procedure describes how to import SolidWorks parts or assemblies into a product structure document.
After using this procedure, your SolidWorks part or assembly files will be imported into a product structure document. The following pages give you an example about importing SolidWorks files interactively but the procedure is the same with the other formats VDA-FS or Parasolid.
  1. Open an empty or existing product structure document.

  2. On the product structure document, use the right mouse button to select the product under which the SolidWorks part /assembly is to be imported.  A menu appears.

  3. Select Components -> Existing Component.  A dialog box appears, such as the one shown below, with parts files:

    Or with assembly files:

  4. Navigate to the directory where the desired part / assembly files are present.

  5. Select the part / assembly to be imported and click the Open button (or double-click the part / assembly).  The selected file appears under the selected product in the product structure.
    In the example below, the product selected in step 2 was axel.2 (highlighted in orange);  the part selected in step 4 was wheel.SLDPRT.

    In the example below, Product 1 was the product selected in step 2, auto.SLDASM was the assembly selected in step 4.