Using Points in Generative Shape Design

task target This task shows you how to use points from a cloud of points in Generative Shape Design.
aprereq.gif (1231 bytes) Open the Interoperability.CATPart from the samples directory.
We used the Line Definition for our example, but the operating mode is the same for all creation action requiring points.
  1. Select the type of creation from the combo list of the dialog box.

  2. Go to the next Point field and choose Create Point from the contextual menu.

  3. The Point Definition dialog box appears.

  4. Click a point on the cloud. Its coordinates are displayed in the Point Definition dialog box.
    Click OK to confirm the creation of this point.

  5. In the main dialog box, go to the next Point field and repeat the above steps.

  6. If necessary, push the Point icon on the right of the Point field to modify the point you have created:
    the Point Definition dialog box appears and updated according to your pick on the cloud.

end of task