Checking the Quality of the Mesh

  Due to irregularities in the imported cloud of point, some problems may occur in the mesh generated from it.
Digitized Shape Editor provides a series of tools to check the quality of the mesh and to improve it.


 Flip Edges
Mesh Smoothing
Mesh Cleaner
Interactive Triangle Creation


 Cloud Display Options
A first set of information is provided by Information in the Analysis toolbar:
  1. Click Information and select the mesh.

    You can see that there is one non-manifold edge.

  Visual information are also provided by Cloud Display Options:
  1. Click Cloud Display Options and select the mesh.
    Select the Free Edges, Non-manifold Edges and Flat check boxes.

    You can see there is one free edge, some non-manifold edges (displayed in white)
    The seam between the rounded and the flat areas could do with some improvements.


Now let's flip edges of triangles of the mesh, for a better respect of sharp edges.

  1. Click Flip Edges in the Mesh toolbar and select the mesh. The mesh goes to flat visualization.
    determines the amplitude of the reorganization of the triangles.

  2. Click Apply. You can see that the sharp edge has been improved.
    You can repeat this step several times until the result is satisfactory.

  3. Then click OK to validate the action and exit the dialog box.
    The initial mesh is sent to the No Show and replaced by a new mesh Flip Edge.1.

  Mesh Cleaner provides more information on the mesh and some tools to remove defective triangles:
  1. Click Mesh Cleaner and select Flip Edge.1. Push the Analyze button.
    When a problem is found, the corresponding line is highlighted.
    Select those check boxes.

  2. The incorrect sites are highlighted on the mesh
    (in white by default, you can change it in the Preview colors lists).

  3. Click Apply to remove the defective elements.
    You may click Apply several times to remove all defective elements.
    Click OK when you are satisfied.

  Removing non-manifold vertices has created holes in the mesh.

This can be corrected with Fill Holes:
  1. Click Fill Holes in the Mesh toolbar and select Flip Edge.1.
    The action searches the free edges of the mesh.
    By default, the largest free edge, generally the outer boundary of the mesh, is displayed in red,
    with an X label, meaning it is not candidate for hole filling.
    The smaller free edges are displayed in green and are candidate for hole filling.

  2. Click Apply. New meshes are computed on the holes.

  3. Click OK to validate the holes filling and exit the action.