Importing a File


  1. Select Start > Shape > Digitized Shape Editor  to start the Digitized Shape Editor workbench.

  2. Click Import .
    Click ... in the dialog box that appears and go to the samples directory to select the Carmirror1.cgo_ascii file.

  3. Select the Statistics check box.
    This opens a window in the dialog box with information on the cloud of points you are importing.

  4. Click Update. The cloud of points is displayed with its containment box.

  5. If you rotate the cloud of points, you can see a vertical line of outliers.
    Use the green arrows to remove those points.

  6. Click Apply, then OK to validate the import and exit the action.

Note that the cloud of points element is created in the specification tree,
with the name of the input file and the icon the Import action.