Creating Rectangles

This task shows you how to define geometry in the newly created empty view which is by default, the front view. In this particular case, let's create a rectangle.
1. Click the Rectangle icon  from the Geometry creation toolbar (Profiles sub-toolbar).
The Tools Palette automatically appears, displaying two value fields: horizontal value (H) and vertical value (V).

The Tools Palette appears whenever you select a command for which specific options or value fields are available. This enables you to know immediately when tools are available for a command.

2. Enter the First Point coordinates. For example, H: 0in and V: 0in.

3. Press Enter.

At this step, you can either enter the rectangle second point or width and height values.

4. Enter the Second Point coordinates. For example, H: 3.5in and V: 2.5in.

  5. Press Enter to end the rectangle creation.
The rectangle appears in the empty view.
You can also move the cursor for directly positioning the second point. The corresponding values similarly appear on the Tools Palette.

Note that the grid is not necessarily displayed throughout this documentation. Still, in the Generative Drafting workbench, the grid is set by default.  If you need to hide or display the grid, go to Tools > Options > Mechanical Design > Drafting > General tab and check the Display option.