Using ProE Part Simplified Representation and Instance Name

When present, ProE simplified representations may be optionally imported.

Using Simplified Representations

The name of the desired simplified representation, taken from an existing list of such representations in the ProE assembly, may be indicated from the External Formats page of the Options dialog. Near the bottom of the dialog (in the ProEngineer section) is a checkbox for Simplified Representation, as well as a text box where the name of the simplified representation to be imported may be entered. 

An example of importing a simplified representation named SIMPREP1 is shown below.

In such an import, only the indicated simplified assembly would be converted during the assembly import.  If no name is supplied for a simplified representation or a non-existent simplified representation name is indicated, then the simplified representation mode of import will be ignored and the complete assembly import will be performed.


  • Currently only assembly/sub-assembly level simplified representations are addressed. Part level simplified assemblies, when present, are not taken into account and the master representation will be converted in such cases.
  • Not available in CATPart mode.
  • The product structure tree will look different compared to the original assembly tree in ProE.
  • Simplified Representations other than Include or Exclude are not supported.
  • The name of the Simplified Representation must be entered in Upper case in the settings panel, as shown above.

Using Instance Name

When manipulating a generic ProE Part, the user can insert the default geometry (no specific settings are required) or insert one of the specific instance located in the part.
In order to import a specific instance (named INST1 for example) the name retrieved from ProE should be put in the Instance Name field in Tools -> Options prior to the batch or interactive conversion.