Importing ProE Data Interactively in VPM

This task shows you how to import data Interactively into VPM

  • A V5 application (ENOVIA DMU, ENOVIA 3d com, CATIA or DELMIA) has to be installed correctly.
  • We will not describe in this section how to set-up the Multi-CAD server (XCAD) on VPM. For any information please report to the VPM Documentation (Customizing Multi-CAD).
  • ProE parts must have a .prt extension. Only single parts can be imported.
  1. Check-in ProE parts into VPM:

  2. Ensure that the VPM XCAD server set-up on your VPM installation is well configured.

  3. Modify the V5 environment (ENOVIA DMU, ENOVIA 3d com, CATIA or DELMIA) in order to connect V5 to ProE as explained in the Environment Documentation.

  4. Launch the XCAD server.

  5. Launch VPM.

  6. Check-in *.prt file by using Create&Save.

  7. Check-in ProE parts into VPM.

After check-in you can send the unique cgr to V5.
Updating checked-in documents:
The Update Representations function can be used with ProE *.prt  files.