Initializing the Environment


This section describes the initialization and usage of the MULTICAx ID Plug-in product when used with 3d com.
It applies to DELMIA or ENOVIA DMU or ENOVIA 3d com

3d com Interoperability

In order to run MultiCAD properly with 3d com, make sure that the variable CATReferenceSettingPath is set in the 3d com environment. It will allow all users to benefit from the administrator settings (these are the settings used when launching CATOptionsMgt in the 3d com environment on the server side.

  • When installing the MultiCAx media, all the references will be made to CATIA. This is not a problem and will not affect the product behavior. But it will create shortcuts and environment with CATIA names.
  • Activating the cache does not modify the performances of an interactive insert since the data are not generated in the cache but in the directory referenced by the setting Output Path.
  • The cache is only useful in CATPart mode so that the CATPart generated is not loaded by default (but this does not affect the conversion performances).

Differences between 3d com and V5

  • Multi-CAD exact geometry is not supported in 3d com
  • The 3d com V5 server gets the default V5 server settings. The default behavior is as follows:
    1. No exact geometry

    2. Non-associative mod

  • The 3d com Multi-CAD options are related to the V5 server options. The interactive setting panel is identical to that for DMU or DELMIA, and is accessible through the CATOptionMgt executable (accessible on the server runtimeview). When launching it on the server with catstart, you can customize the options. 
  • Complete documentation of CATOptionsMgt can be accessed via the What's New? link in the DMU Navigator Infrastructure guide. For 3d com, this is documented in the Accessing Settings Without Running a Session section. For the customization of the Multi-CAD option, please refer to the Customizing section of the current documentation.

Initializing the Environment for 3d com

The 3d com environment should be correctly installed to deal with CATIA data (such as model or CATPart) outside Multi-CAD, and use the V5 server. The installation relative to Multi-CAD concerns a proper installation of the V5 server, as explained in the following links.