• Never modify data generated in V5:
    information could be lost and the MULTICAD Update could result in incorrect results.
  • Part Number must be unique, all parts with the same name are considered as identical.
  • On Windows, make sure the files to translate are not encrypted:
    Click Advanced in the Properties dialog box of the file and deselect the Encrypt contents to secure data option.

The MULTICAx ID Plug-in allows users to import IDI data generated from IDEAS native data (part and assembly models).
This import converts IDI part geometry into the CATIA Graphical Representation (CGR) or CATPart formats, which renders it readable by V5. 
The MULTICAx ID Plug-in imports IDI assembly files into a V5 product structure document.
Users can perform this import interactively or from the command line.

The assembly import converts the I-DEAS assembly hierarchy into product structure, along with the proper positions.
No attributes of the assembly other than hierarchy, positions, and colors of the geometry are addressed in assembly import.

Protocols and attributes

For conversions, the following protocols or attributes apply:

  • Length units for both parts and assemblies are converted to millimeters.
  • Assembly-level colors and other features are not supported.
  • Pure wire frame data is not supported during the conversion.

Licensing requirements

Windows 64 bits OS is supported.
Aix 64 bits OS is supported.

.idi extension is not natively supported in CATIA, DELMIA and ENOVIA,
therefore the following products are required to access this extension: IDL (CATIA / ENOVIA), IDP (DELMIA).

CAD Format Part Assembly Foreign CAD license required File Extension V5 License
up to MS 12
OK OK NO .idi IDL (ENOVIA Portal)