Importing Part Files Interactively

This procedure describes how to import SolidEdge parts into a product structure document.
After using this procedure, your SolidEdge part files will be imported into a product structure document. The following page gives you an example about importing SolidEdge files interactively but the procedure is the same with the other formats (VDA-FS, Parasolid).
The SolidEdge part files must have the .par extension.
For more information about import characteristics and format extensions, please refer to the Basic Tasks introduction.
  1. Open an empty or existing product structure document.

  2. On the product structure document, use the right mouse button to select the product under which the SolidEdge part is to be imported.  A menu appears.

  3. Select Components -> Existing Component.
    A dialog box appears, such as the one shown below.

  4. Navigate to the directory where the desired part files are present.

  5. Select the part to be imported and click on the Open button (or double-click the part). 
    The selected file appears under the selected product in the product structure.

    In the example below:

    • the product selected in step 2 was axel.2 (highlighted in orange); 
    • the part selected in step 4 was wheel.par.