Modifying Compartments

This task shows you how to edit compartments by replacing selected limits.
1.  Right-click on the compartment you want to modify, and select Edit Compartment from the drop-down menu.
The Compartment Definition dialog box displays.

2. Select the Limit you want to change in the dialog box.

The orientation vector appears in your 3-D session.

3. Click the Remove Limit button.
4. Select the new limit in in your 3-D session. If necessary, invert the surface orientation.

The surface orientation displays in your 3-D session, and the modified information lists in the Compartment Definition dialog box.

5. Click Preview to preview the change.
6. If necessary, repeat for other limits.

Click OK when done.

  The Results tab gives the volume, total area, and center coordinates of the previewed compartment.