Moving an Access Object

This task shows you how to move an access object after you have placed it.
A door is used here to show the different ways in which you can move access objects.
1. Click and drag: This procedure will only move the part in a lateral direction, because it is constrained in other directions by the offset values you entered. Select the part, and then click and drag using standard procedures. If you move the part up or down it will snap back to its original position. If you move it laterally it will move in multiples of the grid step value.

2. Offset plane: You can use the offset plane to measure distance from. Click the Offset Plane button and click on the surface on which you want to place the plane. Select the part and move your pointer to one of the manipulation handles. Two planes will display, as in the image below. The distance from the offset plane will display as you click and drag the part.

3. Orientation and placement: To change the offset from the placement or orientation boundaries you need to bring up the Define Offsets dialog box and enter your desired values in the fields. To bring up the dialog box you can: 1) right-click the part, select the part in the drop down menu, and then select Definition; 2) select the part, click Edit - Definition.