The Compartment and Access product provides users with a complete set of tools to define conceptual zones/compartments within a ship. In addition, the product provides the user with the ability to define access mechanisms for compartments, such as doors, windows and ladders.

Specifically, this product provides you with the capability of creating and managing intelligent representations of ship compartments and access objects. Ship compartments are created from a structural preliminary layout of the ship by simply sketching the edges of the compartment and then extruding these between defined decks and bulkheads. Users can then easily place access objects on or within a ship compartment.

Together with other products, the Compartment and Access product gives users the benefit of a comprehensive solution for the complete compartment design process. The compartments are defined as part of the conceptual design of the ship. They can be used by downstream design processes for further refinement of the design, especially system related designs of the ship. This integration gives the user a powerful set of tools to help contribute to the overall ship design process.

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