Navigating in Fly Mode


In Fly mode you can move upward or downward on any horizontal view plane as you move forward or backward (backward in advanced mode only). In Fly mode you will use the joystick Side button.
This task shows you how to navigate in fly mode with a 3D joystick.
You already opened your document GARDENA.CATProduct in DMU Navigator workbench (please refer to Loading documents in the Version 5 ENOVIA - DMU Immersive Review documentation).
  1. Click Fly Mode in the Immersive Review toolbar. You can now begin to fly.

Note that when the fly mode is activated, the head tracking behavior is still active. It means that you can still turn head during flying operation to look at details in a given direction.

  1. Flying forwards/backwards

  • if you push forward the joystick, the speed increases and you start moving forward  (towards the circular symbol ),
  • if you pull the joystick, the speed decreases and you start moving backwards.

Note:  Try not to incline the joystick performing this operation if you want to fly straightforward

A green arrow appears along with a circular target located at the center of the view:

The speed at which you first approach the object is 0. 

The further you push/pull the joystick from its starting position, the greater the speed.

This symbol represents the circular target  towards which you fly.


The figure below the arrow specifies the speed at which you are flying:


  1. Flying up/down

  • if you incline the joystick forward, you start flying downward
  • if you incline the joystick backwards, you start flying upward








If you pull the joystick at the maximum, you will not be able to perform a complete looping, you will just continue to fly up.

If you push the joystick back to its initial position, you will stop flying upward progressively.

  1. Flying right/left

  • If you turn left, you change direction (left)
  • If you turn right, you change direction (right)


As you manipulate the joystick, the shape of the arrow changes to reflect the direction in which you are flying:

You can combine simultaneously these joystick manipulations (above described) to obtain the fly behavior you wish.

To return to the default navigation mode, click Examine mode .