Splitting Plates and Shapes

scenario You can split one or more plates and shapes by one or more wireframe elements (surfaces and curves).
task target This task shows how to split a shape.
pre-requisites No sample document is provided.


1. Click the Split icon.

The Split dialog box appears.

2. Select the shape.
You can select one or more plates and/or shapes.

The List icon becomes active when you select more than one item. Click this icon to view selected plates and shapes in the Elements list dialog box.

3. Click the By field and select the wireframe element used as cutting element:

You can select a surface or a curve.

Note: Multiple-selection of wireframe elements is also possible. 

4. Click OK to split selected plates and/or shapes.

The original element is redefined according to split specifications, and a new element is added. Features and attributes of the original element are copied to the new element.

You can also select the plates and/or shapes you want to split before clicking the Split icon. The Split dialog box opens and you can then select the cutting element. Click OK when done.

end of task