Creating 3D States

State management allows for the definition of named 3D States for parts and resources assigned to a process. These states can be applied to a process during process verification or simulation to show the proper state of products and resources in the 3D viewer.

States may be comprised of existing 3D positions as well as other named 3D States that have already been defined. Therefore, it is necessary that part positions or other 3D States have been already been created before creating a 3D state object.

Starting with R18 the position of the 3D State can be synchronized and directly displayed while defining a new state with the help of the Option Synchronize to States Definition in the Dialog Create Named State.

By default the option is selected if the dialog is opened. If the user does not want to see the active position of the 3D State the option should be deactivated. The value of the option will not be saved, when the dialog is reopened the option is checked again.

If the option is selected, the position of the 3D State will be synchronized and directly displayed in the 3D view. If the option is not selected, the position of the 3D State will not be synchronized in the 3D view.

In the following example you can see how the option 'Synchronize to States definition' is working


ascenari.gif (1364 bytes)


Click on the Create New State command . The icon turns orange to indicate that it is active.


Select a part or resource in the PPR tree for which a Named State is to be created:

When the item is selected, the Create Named State dialog box is displayed:


Enter a name for the new State in the "Name of new Named State" text box.

The States and Positions tabbed windows display a list of existing Named States and Positions.

Select the desired State and/or Position, and click the -> button to add each selected State/Position to the Definition window:

If the user adds a position or state to the definition list then the corresponding position is applied.


The <- button is used to remove States and Positions from the Definition list.


Click OK to create the Named State.

ascenari.gif (1364 bytes)


  • Named Positions and States are shown in the PPR tree only when the Activity States checkbox is enabled in the Tools -> Options settings for DPM Process and Resource Definition.