Restoring the Original Design Position

This procedure describes how to restore a part which may have been moved during the creation of a simulation to its original design position.

In a multi user concurrent engineering scenario it is possible that a position saved in the database is not synchronized with the position saved in the detailing due to modifications of a concurrent user. Starting with R18 the user has got the possibility to display the displaced positions in a list when using the option Restore Selected Design States. The list is divided into a section for the products and a section for the resources.

You may either restore all parts or a selected number of parts to the design position.

To perform this procedure, you must have the PPR tree or a PERT chart visible and a process loaded. 

ascenari.gif (1223 bytes)
  1. Click Restore Design Positions .

    The Restore Design States dialog box appears:
  2. Select the desired option (i.e., Restore All Design States or Restore Selected Design States).

  3. If Restore Selected Design States is selected, click on those items whose design positions you want restored.

    You can select the displaced parts displayed in the list and it is also possible to multi select several objects using the Control or Shift key.

    The selected items are highlighted and the Products Selected counter shows the number of items selected.  If you select an already-selected product, the product is removed from the selection; selection acts as a toggle.)
  4. Click OK to restore the design states.

    The parts return to their original positions in the 3D viewer.