Viewing the Current Part Positions


This procedure describes how to view the existing positions for an activity.

This procedure requires that a position object has been defined and is present in the Positions folder of a given activity of the PPR tree.

ascenari.gif (1364 bytes) 1.

Click the Show Positions icon to start the Show Positions process. The icon will turn orange to indicate that the Show Positions mode is active.

2. Select an activity in the PPR tree which contains defined positions:

3. A 3D preview window is opened which contains the positioned objects and resources of the selected activity:

After an activity has been selected, the Show Positions command icon changes to , indicating that the user is currently in the Show Positions context.


Click the Show Positions command icon to close the 3D window and exit the Show Positions context. When exiting the Show Positions context, all product positions are restored to their original state when the command was initiated.