Defining Cutback

  The Cutback command lets you define how shape ends are cut. If you modify the shape, the cutback is automatically recomputed.
task target This task shows how to trim a shape to a plane.

pre-requisites No sample document is provided.


1. Click the Cutback button  I_StructureCutBackWeldedP2.gif (942 bytes).

The CutBack dialog box displays. None is the default cutback type.

NOTE: When working with ENOVIA, you can use the CutBack command only if you activate a work package.

    Other types available are:
  • None: no cut.
    This option lets you remove a previously applied cutback.
  • Normal cut: ends of shapes are cut perpendicular to the support axis.
  • Weld cut: a cutting plane is used to cut the shape you want to trim.
  • Miter cut: shapes are perpendicular with ends cut at an angle.
  • Remove: material is removed from the shape you want to trim to accommodate the other shape.


The result differs depending on the first shape selected.




The Offset option is available for Normal cut, Weld cut and Miter cut types. Use the arrows to change the offset value or enter a value directly in the box to offset the shape you want to trim from the trimming plane.

2. Select the shape you want to trim.
3. Select the plane to which you want to trim the shape:

The plane can be a plane, face, surface, plate or another shape.

4. Click OK to create the cutback.

Shapes are trimmed to the plane defined by the trimming member and the cutback is identified in the specification tree.

Curved Shapes

Curved shapes cannot be trimmed because the cutting plane may intersect the curve at more than one location.


Normal & Weld Cuts

To apply normal or weld cuts to all shape ends in the following configuration:

  • Join shapes 1 & 2, 2 & 3 and 3 & 4 using normal or weld cuts.
  • When joining shapes 4 & 1, select shape 1 as the shape to trim.
    Note: The cut cannot be made if shape 4 is selected as the shape to trim.

Miter Cut

    You cannot apply a miter cut to a shape that is already mitered.

If the shape (shape 1) you want to cut is already mitered:

  • Remove the cut using None.
  • Apply a miter cut to shapes 1 and 3.
    Note: You can apply a normal or weld cut to a shape that is already mitered.

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