Coping Plates and Shapes

The Coping command lets you trim plates and shapes with other objects.

The following Strategy options are offered:

  • Short point
  • Long point
  • Remove
  • Weld cut

NOTE: Long point coping can only be done where plates intersect. This type of coping cannot be done if the plate has to be extended to the long point.

This task shows you how to trim plates and shapes with other objects.
1. Click the Coping button . The Coping dialog box displays.

2. Select the Strategy from the drop-down list.
3. Select the Operated element.

The operated element is the plate or shape to be trimmed.

4. Select Limiting elements.

Limiting elements can be surfaces, plates or shapes. Multi-selection capabilities are available.

5. Click OK when done.
The following is an example of a shape that clashes with the plate because the shape is limited with the plate without any coping.

Using the Coping command and a short point Strategy, the shape is limited with the plate.

The specifications tree shows the coping feature created under the operated element.