Modifying the Design

In this task, you are going to modify the height and the sketch of Pad.1.

For the Sheet Metal Design workbench, the Scenario2.CATProduct document is open from the previous task. If not, open the Scenario2_2.CATProduct document from the samples directory.

For the Generative Sheetmetal Design workbench, open the NEWScenario2.CATProduct document.

This scenario, which is valid for both the Sheet Metal Design workbench and the Generative Sheet Metal Design workbench, is illustrated using screen captures from the Sheet Metal Design workbench. Results will slightly differ in the Generative Sheetmetal Design workbench, for which Automatic bends are not available.
  1. Double-click Part1\PartBody\Pad.1 in the specification tree.

    The dialog box is displayed.
  2. Enter 40mm for the Length and click OK.

    The pad is updated.
  3. Double-click Part3 and Update the Sheet Metal part using the Update  icon.

  4. Double-click Part1\Pad.1\Sketch.1.

  5. Modify the sketch:

  6. Click Exit to return to the 3D world.

    The constraints are respected.

    After the Part3 update, the document looks like this: