Creating a Turntable

This task explains how to create a turntable which is the preliminary step before running a simulation.

A turntable lets you generate a movie of your model, permitting a better analysis of the design quality. It is a set of successive images. The movie generated consists in a rotation of the active camera around an axis.

Open the Lamp.CATProduct document.

  1. Click Create Turntable to open the Turntable dialog box.

    The turntable symbol is displayed on the product:
    You can now define the model rotation axis. The entire product geometry will be able to rotate around that axis.
  2. Position the turntable along the x, y, and z axes by dragging it to the desired location using the compass:

  3. Rotate the turntable along the u, v and w axes:

  4. In the Turntable dialog box, indicate the rotation Start Angle and End Angle in degrees.

    By definition, the turntable is a simple rotation animation. The rotation can be limited to less than 360 degrees (for instance a half-turn that is 180 degrees).

    The end angle is identified by an arrow as shown in the picture below:

      To change the rotation direction, clicking Reverse Direction.
  5. Click OK.

The turntable is created.

You can right-click the turntable axis in the specification tree then select Axis x object > Definition to edit the turntable rotation axis.