Computing Mean Dimensions 

This task shows you how to compute the mean dimensions of a part.
You must define the tolerances that you want before computing mean dimensions. For more about tolerances, refer to Infrastructure User's guide Version 5.
Open the Mean_Dimensions.CATPart document.
  1. Before computing mean dimensions, apply the Edit Parameters contextual menu item to Pad.1 to display parameters, then take a look at the part you have just opened. The part includes three toleranced parameters as shown below.

    Remember that to access tolerance values, you need to double-click the parameter of interest, then use the Tolerance > Edit... contextual menu item.

  2. Click Mean Dimensions .
    A dialog box appears informing you that the operation is performed. You then just need to update the part to observe the result.

  3. Click Update All to integrate the modifications to the part. Note that the update options set for your session (for more see General) do not affect the Mean Dimensions command behavior: you always have to explicitly update your part.
    Mean dimensions are displayed around the part.

Bear in mind that if parameters are driven by formulas, the application deactivates these formulas to compute mean dimensions.

  1. If you wish to go back to the previous state, click the Mean Dimensions icon again.
    A dialog box appears informing you that the part will be resized to nominal dimensions.

  2. Click OK to confirm.
    An additional message appears to inform you that the operation is performed and prompts you to update the part.

  3. Click OK to close the message window.

  4. Click the Update All icon to resize the part to nominal dimensions.


More about the Mean Dimensions Command

To ensure that you can run the command properly, do not use features having the same name.