Interrupting Computations

During the creation or the edition of a feature, you can interrupt the feature computation launched after clicking OK or Preview in the Definition dialog box of the feature, providing the computation requires a few seconds to perform in Manual Update mode.
  This capability is available with the following features:
  • Edge Fillet, Variable edge fillet, Face-Face fillet and Tritangent fillet
  • Boolean Operations : Add, Remove, Intersect, Assemble, Union Trim (Part Design)
  • Join and Healing (Generative Shape Design)
If the computation exceeds a certain amount of time, a panel appears. It provides an icon representing the feature being computed, the feature's name and a Cancel button:
  To interrupt the computation, click this Cancel button.
  Depending whether you were creating or editing the feature and whether you have clicked on the OK or Preview button in the Definition dialog box of the feature, you come back to the dialog box or simply exit the command.

The following table sums up the different possibilities (Yes means that you are back in the command and No that you exit it):

  Creation Edition
OK Yes No
Preview Yes Yes
When you come back to the dialog box, an Update Diagnosis panel appears enabling you to edit, deactivate, isolate or even delete the feature.