Multi-Edge Fillets with Propagation

In CATIA V4, it is possible to create a Fillet by selecting several Edges. But in CATIA V5, the process is not the same, there are different propagation modes (tangency and manual) and several Fillet Features.

This task shows you how V4 Multi-propagation Fillets can be migrated into several V5 Fillet Features (one per propagation type).


  1. Apply a Check AS SPEC on *SET1.

  1. Double-click one of the three messages to have more details about the components:

This solid contains 2 Fillet Features. FILL3 is defined by 2 Edges with 2 propagation modes.

  1. Copy/Paste AS SPEC the .model into a CATPart. 

In the Specification Tree, there is a Feature per propagation mode. In this example, you can see 2 Features corresponding to FILL3 in CATIA V4 and representing 2 modes of propagation (Tangency and Minimal):
  • EdgeFillet.2 (FILL3)
  • EdgeFillet.3 (FILL3) 
The sequential order in which the user had selected the Edges for propagation in CATIA V4 is respected in the Specification Tree in CATIA V5.
EdgeFillet.3 has two results (2 EdgeFillets) in CATIA V5. Double-click EdgeFillet.3 to edit it:

To sum up :

V4 to V5 Migration

SPACE Elements
Cuboid Pad/Pocket
Cylinder Pad/Pocket
Sphere Shaft / Groove
Cone Shaft / Groove
Torus Shaft / Groove
Revolution Shaft / Groove
Prism Pad / Pocket
Pipe - Center Curve Rib / Slot
Pyramid Solid Datum
Sweep Rib / Slot
Sweep Spine Solid Datum
3D Sweep Rib / Slot
Sweep Until Solid Datum
Sweep non close Solid Datum

Thick Surface (or Solid Datum under certain conditions)

Close Close (or Solid Datum under certain conditions)
Project Solid Datum
Volume Solid Datum
Constant Edge Fillet Edge Fillet
Constant Edge Fillet (several edges, distinct values) Variable Angle Fillet
Rolling Edge Fillet Edge Fillet (option Keep edge on)
Face-Face Fillet Face-Face Fillet
Variable Angle Fillet Variable Angle Fillet
Tritangent Fillet Tritangent Fillet
MultiEdge Fillets with Propagation a Feature per propagation mode in the Specification Tree
Basic Draft Basic Draft
Draft Reflect Line Draft Reflect Line
Import (with MML link) Solid Datum
Macro Primitive Copy with Link of a Body
Not Supported Primitive Solid Datum (if the solid is smart)