Turning On/Off Design Model Updates

This procedure describes how to turn on or off design model updates.

Most simulations and process work is performed in visualization mode, which improves performance time but does not alter the underlying design data until the simulation command ends or is interrupted by another command.  Users can selectively turn on an option to alter the design data.

This command is a shared command; it can be run in conjunction with other commands.  It is not a persistent command; once a session has ended, the command (if turned on) turns off and remains off when a new session begins.

This procedure is relatively simple.  The impact of using it, however, can vary depending on the commands you are running.

Using the Design Model Update Command

  1. Click Design Model Update .

    The command becomes highlighted and remains so as long as design model updating is turned on. 
  2. To turn off design model updating, select the command again, so that it is restored to its normal colors.

Impact of Design Model Update (On) during Simulation

  • If associated with a single part, an annotation follows the track of that part as the part moves during a simulation.
  • If associated with multiple parts, the annotation remains stationary when one or more of the parts move, but the attachments between the annotation and the parts move with their associated parts.
  • Sectioning results will accurately appear during a simulation, assuming you select the option below when creating the Section object itself:  
    • In the Section Definition dialog box, select the Behavior tab, then the Update option.
  • Measurement of objects is automatically updated, assuming you select the options below when creating the measure:
    • Keep Measure is checked on either the Measure Between or Measure Item dialog box AND
    • Do only one of the following:
      • In Tools > Options > General > Parameters and Measure > Measure Tools, select the Automatic update in product check box.
      • Bind the measure in analysis configuration.
  • Running this command has an adverse impact on performance.  You may wish to filter non-essential activities from your simulation or run only selected portions of your simulation.

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