Creating a PackNGo Dataset

DPM Process and Resource Definition provides the ability to generate a stand-alone dataset (called a PackNGo dataset) from data stored in the PPR Hub. Once created and stored on the local filesystem, this dataset can be then be loaded by DPM applications without requiring a connection to the PPR Hub.

You must have a Process defined and stored in the PPR Hub to create a PackNGo dataset.

Creating a dataset



Launch DELMIA and load a PPR from the PPR Hub.


Click the PackNGo command in DPM Process and Resource Definition.

The Pack N Go dialog box prompts you to select a location where the PackNGo dataset will be stored:

Enter a directory location, or use the Browse button to select a directory location in which to save the generated PackNGo file.


Upon clicking OK, all data relevant to the selected process is written to the selected location.