Inserting a Work System Component

This section describes the process of loading Work System Components into the DPM PPR tree.
1. Open a process from the Manufacturing Hub. (Please see Process and Resource Definition User's Guide: Advanced Task: Inserting a PPR from a Project.)



Click Associate Work System Component Representation located in the Manufacturing Hub toolbar, or select the Insert > Manufacturing Hub Object > Associate Work System Component Representation menu command.

3. Left-click on a resource in the PPR ResourceList that the inserted Work Space Component will be associated to. This will invoke a dialog box which displays a hierarchical list of available Work Space Components. Initially, only the top-level of the hierarchy is displayed:


  • Right-click an object in the browser window to display a context menu containing a Properties command which allows read-only access to the object's Extended Properties Panel.

  • Selections which are not valid are indicated when the mouse cursor is passed over the selection (the mouse cursor changes to ).

  • To add a Work System Component under a resource in V5, the parent resource must be WRITE locked by the user in the current document.

  • Additionally, the user also must have "Add Child" rights on the parent resource.

4. Double-click the top-level of the hierarchy to display its child components. 

Child components which display a "+" to its left indicate a folder that contains additional child components. Click the "+" next to the folder (or double-click its name) to display its child components. Continue this process until the desired Workspace Component is accessible:


5. After clicking on the desired Workspace Component (so that it becomes highlighted), click the OK button to insert the highlighted component under the selected resource in the PPR Resource tree.