Loading Products from Other Processes

Products stored in the project library may be copied into the ProductList of the current V5 session.

  1. Click Open Products from process in the Manufacturing Hub Commands toolbar, or select Open Products from Process from the Insert > Manufacturing Hub Object menu.

    The Manufacturing Hub - Products of Other Processes dialog box is presented, and displays the process tree from the current project:
  2. Select one or more processes from which to load products.

     Multiple selections can be made by holding the Ctrl key while selecting successive processes.

    When selected, the Load also Products linked to Children of the Selected Processes check box loads the products of those processes that are children of the selected process.

  3. Click the Apply or OK button to load the associated products of the selected process(es) into the ProductList of the current Process and Resource Definition session.

    Note that only those products associated to processes which have a relation type that is currently enabled in the Previous Process Parsing Type section of the Tools > Options > Digital Process for Manufacturing > Manufacturing Hub settings is loaded:

    In the above example, all products from the level of the selected process up to the root process will be loaded. 

  • After selecting the processes to load products from, clicking the OK button close the Manufacturing Hub - Products of Other Processes dialog box after loading those products into the Process Planner ProductList. 
    Clicking the Apply button (instead of the OK button) will load the products of the selected processes, but the dialog box remains displayed so that additional processes may be selected, if desired.