Snapping Resources

This procedure describes how to snap together resources such as the CMM and its associated parts (e.g., the probe).  Snapping places the parts together.
This procedure assumes that the resources have been loaded onto or inserted in the PPR tree, in most cases by using the catalog browser.
  1. From the Layout Tools/Snap toolbar, click Snap Two Parts .

    The Snap Options dialog box appears.
  2. Select the item to be snapped. 

    A green arrow appears showing the current orientation of the item. 
  3. Move the cursor down to where the item should go.  

    An arrow appears showing the orientation assumed for the item.  In the illustration below, a probe head is getting snapped to a CMM.
  4. Click on the green circle at the base of the arrow.

    The Snap Options dialog box appears. 
  5. (Optional) Select one of the check boxes.

  6. Click OK.

    Once the items are snapped, Snap Two Parts is no longer highlighted.