Snapping Using 3 Points

This procedure describes how to snap two elements using three points. This command is most frequently used to snap an item inside of a cylindrical object (e.g., a screw inside a nut or washer).
  1. Select the item you want snapped (that is, moved in relation to another object).  

    In the example below, the screw is getting snapped to the nut.
  2. Click Snap in 3 Points .

  3. Select three points on the inner circle of the nut.

    Once you select the third point, the screw snaps to the nut.
  4. To orient the screw correctly, right-click on the compass, then select Edit.

    The Parameters for Compass Manipulation dialog box appears.
  5. Select the axis that needs alteration (in the case of the example, the Y axis needed the minus button pushed).

    The parts are snapped.