Using the Manipulation Handle

When you select an object, by default, that object appears on the geometry with a green box drawn around it.
This handle can be used when moving the object.
The manipulation handle does not appear on features that are selected in Feature Selection mode.
You can turn off the manipulation handle by clicking Manipulation Handle.
Once you click off Manipulation Handle, it is no longer orange.
You can reselect Manipulation Handle at any time.
The Manipulation Handle differs from the Manipulation Bounding Box.  The Manipulation Bounding Box is used in workbenches that modify products; the Manipulation Handle appears in workbenches that use simulation. 

If you see boxes associated with data (see the image below), you can turn off visualization of the Manipulation Bounding Box using Tools > Options > General > Display > Navigation tab.  The Toggle Manipulation Handle On/Off command controls visualization of the Manipulation Handle.