Attaching Elements

This procedure explains how to attach elements.

When you create an attachment, the element getting the attachment behaves like a master or parent and the element that gets attached behaves like a slave or child.  When the parent moves, the child moves along with it.  When the child moves, the parent does not move.

ascenari.gif (1223 bytes)
  1. Click Attach .

  2. Select the parent element.

  3. Select the child element.

    The system asks for confirmation:
  4. Click OK.

    The parent and child objects are attached. The geometry shows the relationship:
You can verify that these elements are attached by moving the parent element using the compass.  The attached (child) element should follow the master element.
Attach considers devices as a whole.  If a device part is selected, the entire device is considered as selected.
  Attach creates an attachment object.  You can right-click on this object in the geometry and select Delete to remove the attachment.