Using Geometry to Create a Formula 

This task explains how to use geometry to create a formula.
Before performing this scenario, make sure you have checked the Keep link with selected object option (Tools>Options> Infrastructure>Part Infrastructure>General tab.)
  1. Create a Product and add 2 parts to this product.

  2. From the Start>Shape menu, access the Generative Shape Design workbench. Select the first part.

  3. Add a line to the part.

  4. Select the second part and add a Length parameter to the part as well as a formula that will be based on the line.

    • Click the icon. The Formula Editor opens. In the New parameter of type scrolling list, select Legnth and click New parameter of type
    • In the Edit name or value of the current parameter field, enter the name of the parameter: LineLength. Click Apply and click Add Formula. The Formula Editor opens.
    • Enter the following formula by using the Dictionary to access the length(Curve,...) operator: LineLength=length().
    • Position the cursor between the parenthesis and double-click the Line in the geometry or in the specification tree. The External parameter selection window is displayed.
    • Click Line.1 and click OK. The formula is displayed as follows: LineLength=length(`External References\Line.1` )
    • Click OK when done. Click Yes in the Automatic update window.